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BRITISH FLYFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2008                                     Page 2
Coffee cabin and recording station

After a great day at the fly tying vice, checking out all those goodies and talking to heaps of people, we headed back to “The Boot” near Redditch.  It was getting late so for dinner we stopped at a roadside service centre about an hour from our lodgings.  The food; well let’s forget it, no words could describe it.  I suppose we are allowed to make some mistakes and to be honest, this was the only one for the whole trip. 

I hit that doona again and don’t remember a thing until 8am and after a great pub-cooked breakfast; I was off fishing with James Robbins and a couple of other guys from Shakespeare who distribute Partridge in England.  What happened to Ole?  Well the poor blighter was working, meeting with the boss.  
I was taken to the Lechlade trout fishery in Gloucestershire; we drove down through the Cotswolds with their unique stone buildings dating back hundreds of years; I only wish we’d had time to really look around but maybe next time.  It really is a must see place if you are going over to 'the dart'.
There are two lakes and a stretch of River Leach that are available to fish on a day ticket basis.  It is a park-like setting with all amenities including hot tea and coffee if needed.  It is regularly stocked with fish in the three to six pound mark and a number of large double figure fish are also added each week.

A little like our own Pondage at Eildon with the only exception being the day tickets and, of course, a licence.

We just fished from the shore and did not take advantage of the boats.  I only brought a few flies with me on this trip, a handful of Scruffies and a new version of my Laser Minnow made from the Enrico Puglisi Triggerpoint Fibres.


You couldn't complain about the condition of these fish; great specimens!

My second fish
James with a nice Rainbow

At first I used the Scruffy but nothing, so I tried the Laser Minnow and was almost immediately into a fish.  That was quickly followed by another.  Then it went all quiet.  I gave James a Laser and it was not long before he was also landing a nice trout.

EP Laser Minnow Mk2
Mick's Scruffy
Lechlade, a 9 acre lake
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