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BRITISH FLYFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2008                                     Page 4
Paul van den Driesche, Netherlands
Jens Pilgaard tying Salmon Flies by hand
Ireland's own Peter Dunne, great fly tier
Roy Christie, UK, also known as "Rev"
Well known English fly tying instructor, Chris Watson
Mick & Enrico doing their thing

It is two days of intense fly tying, meeting a lot of great fly tiers and a very dedicated audience which numbered in their thousands.  It is an experience that is difficult to describe and an honour to be invited as feature fly tier and all credit should go to the organisers.  I only wish we had something like this in Australia.
Well the show was over but there was more stuff to do; Monday was a catch up day but come Tuesday we were right back into it.  At this time I had picked up a great English cold and as they say, I was feeling ‘proper poorly’.  With a lot of coughing and splurting we headed south.  Our first port of call was something that I was looking forward to and that was lunch at the home of Malcolm Greenhalgh.  As you would expect, we chatted about all things piscatorial.

Enrico Puglisi
Sebastian Letelier, Chile, tying by hand
Above: Malcolm signing his classic work, 'The Fly-Fisher's Handbook'.   Right: Myself, Yvonne and Malcolm Greenhalgh

To my surprise Malcolm gave me a copy of his classic work, The Fly-Fisher’s Handbook which is now proudly featured within my library.  Note all the cough medicine on the coffee table; boy was I sick.

Lunch was something special; in honour of Ole, Malcolm placed an orange on the table.  I was wondering what the significance of the gesture was and it was not long before all was revealed, a magnificent roast Partridge meal and what a treat it was.  Sadly I was too ill to finish mine and for those that know me, my downfall in life is food.

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