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BRITISH FLYFAIR INTERNATIONAL 2008                                     Page 5

There is no rest for the wicked or the sick because after lunch we were off to the Cheese Rollers Inn to give a talk to the Gloucester and Cheltenham Fly Dressersí Guild.  Now this is the home club of my friend Terry Beale, a great fisherman and it was he who hosted my day on the River Test back in 2006 (you can see the story on the Partridge and Kossiedun websites).

Terry and I have a cup of hot coffee

L: Checking out Terry's fly box
These guys have had their fill but are still hanging around for more!
The Scruffy Presentation

This presentation was made to the only member of our team who failed to catch a fish on the day.  We tied it on and as hard as he tried, it didnít work for him.  You canít help bad luck.

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A couple of glasses of good wine and out
come the smiles!

If it sounds like the fishing was good, you should have seen the lunch these guys put on; simply WOW.

Spring Hill, close to five acres at a guess

R:  A great night at the Cheese Rollers

It really was a great night but it was the next day that I was looking forward to.  Terry had invited me and Ole to a special private fishery called Spring Hill.  This water was originally laid out by the late and great Frank Sawyer.  It even has hatching ponds, a holding race and all that good stuff.

The Spring Hill holds a good head of trout and it was Ole who held the day for us.  I set him up with a natural drift rig using the Scruffy and he landed three, I caught one and James, who also joined us, landed two.  Terry also had a go and dropped two.  So the old Scruffy did well on the day.