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Mick has recorded a unique series of digital images of the life stages of the baetid and leptophlebiid mayflies.  These full-screen close-ups reveal details of living insects captured in full daylight in the environments where they are usually found.  These brilliant views of trout delicacies are a goldmine of references for the fly tyer.

The methods, materials and close-up references for designing your own 'trigger-point' mayflies.













Making Mayflies 
Masterclass 3

Introduction to 
Brown Nymphs
Possum Emerger
Trigger Points

Angling Entomology
Quiggly Cripple
Shaving Brush
Baetid Dun
Mick's Highland Dun
Parachute Spent Spinner

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'Now is your chance to sit at his feet and hope that a little of his skill will rub off.  Even if you don't tie your own, you must invest in these videos - you will even be a better selector of your purchased flies - there are many points offered by Mick which will give you more insight into the making, structure and desirable features of the most important item in your gear.' - George Rowney, author of Pursuit of Fly Tying.

Fly tying is seen by many as an essential part of fishing.  Fly tyers can design and build into their flies the features which accurately reflect the local seasonal conditions.  They then have the advantage of presenting a natural, appropriate and irresistible morsel to the wiley trout.
Masterclass 1

Brown Nymph
Green Beetle
Red Tag
Fuzzy Quzzy
March Brown
Elk Hair Caddis
Masterclass 2

Parachute Hackle Dun
Damsel Nymph
Royal Wulff
Woolly Bugger
Bullhead Hopper
Muddler Minnow
Bead bodied beetles