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Mick's Cinnamon Caddis
Freshwater Fishing Magazine, Issue 91, July/August 2008, Mick Hall's "Fly Talk"
Fawn Long Horn Caddis
Imitation in its sincerest form
mick hall & fabrizio gajardoni
Long Horn Cinnamon Para Caddis

Enrico Puglisi may not be well known in the freshwater scene but in the saltwater arena he is well and truly a world leader.  Check it out yourself by simply typing his name into Google and you will see what I mean.
Enrico will tell you that he knows very little about the freshwater scene and that is why back in 2006 he asked me to develop a range of freshwater winging materials with him.  The project was to use his exclusive silky fibres and develop a range that would match up most colours found in the insect world.  Believe me it was a big ask but together we worked it out.
We called this new winging material “EP Trigger Point International” or EP-TPI.   It is still very new here in Australia but it is available from a couple of places, being Hook Up Bait and Tackle 03-9758 4332 or Aussie Angler 03-9432 1591 amongst others.
The range covers some sixteen colours and it is already making an impact overseas.  As an example Orvis has placed it in all stores, of which I believe there are something like five hundred across America.

Long Horn Cinnamon Para Caddis
(as designed by Mick Hall)

Hook:  Partridge TWD Dry Fly
Size:  12
Body:  Spirit River Golden Stone dubbing
Wing & Post:  EP-TPI Cinnamon Caddis
Hackle:  Whiting Hebert rooster saddle barred dark ginger tied parachute fashion, 4 turns only.

Tying notes:  To create the wings, tie the required length of EP-TPI onto the hook at the two-thirds point on the shank after you have dubbed on the body.  Do not trim off the waste tag but use it as your post to support the hackle.

Last year I attended the World Tuscany Open Fly Tying Competition in Italy as a guest judge and I again caught up with Enrico who had with him a mass of our winging material, some of which was duly handed out to a number of highly skilled fly dressers with impressive international reputations.
One such tyer is Fabrizio Gajardoni, who is the sort of person who is very easy to become friendly with.  Earlier this year I invited Fabrizio, along with Hans Van Klinken of Klinkhamer fame, to join our guest fly tyer list on this website and you can see quite a bit of his work here.   During one of our many email conversations Fabrizio told me that he had adapted several of his favourite patterns using the Trigger Point winging material as a medium and had sent a bunch of them to Enrico in America. He also offered to send over a set of the same flies - how could I say no?
Although there are some 9000 species of caddis worldwide and ten times as many patterns to represent them, we do have a common link in that many of the international patterns are so similar to the ones we use that they may only need minor adjustments to suit our needs.
Using the EP Trigger Point winging material as the main medium for this range of flies, conjointly we have developed the following caddis patterns that, as you can see, we have been able to match up with a number of common Caddis found along our waterways.  All of the actual Caddis moths shown are Australian species and are common over the summer months along most of our mountain streams.

Part of the range of Enrico Puglisi Trigger Point International winging material

The winging material is unique, you can easily blend it with other colours, in turn adding highlights or darkening, being pre-treated with a product called Water-shed which gives this material a permanent waterproof coating.  On top of that it is marking pen friendly.

Granite Caddis
Long Horn Granite Para Caddis
(As designed by Mick Hall)

Hook:  Partridge TDH Dry Fly
Size:  12
Body:  Base baetid dun dubbing - Spirit River Dark Hare's Ear 1/3, pinch of Golden Stone dubbing, balance Choc Nymph Blend
Wing & Post:  EP-TPI Dark Dun (the actual colour of Dark Dun is darker than shown)
Hackle:  Whiting Farms Hebert rooster saddle medium champagne tied parachute fashion, 4 turns only.

Tying notes:  See Long Horn Cinnamon Para Caddis.

The granite caddis is very common along the banks of the Goulburn River.
This version of our common Snowflake Caddis is an adaptation of a pattern given to me by Andrew Overton.

(As adapted by Mick Hall)

Hook:  Partridge TDH Dry Fly
Size:  14
Thread:  Light green
Body:  Spirit River Diamond Brite UV Light Olive
Wings:  EP-TPI Pale Morning Dun
Hackle:  Grizzle saddle.

Caddis Moth
Light Snowflake Caddis