Walk like an Egyptian

23rd April 2007 - Hunt for Niles!
Greetings from East B... Egypt - just kidding!  I'm back in Aswan, Egypt just about to take on the Nile Perch of Lake Nasser again.  This year instead of doing a TV show for Reel Outdoors with Chris Bailey, I'm here with a group of 7 anglers.  One of these, Granny.
Many of you remember how incredible last year’s trip to the Nile went.  This is exactly why I'm back.  Better yet, I got sick of telling Granny and friends how unreal it was and decided to book 8 slots and take friends and the "Granny".  I do believe most of you were invited back when the trip was put together in Oct.  If not, well if it goes as good as it did last year, I'll do it again next year - just let me know!


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It was a long trip over with a day stop in Amsterdam - boy is that place a trip!
Then we stopped a day in Cairo and everyone got to enjoy the Pyramids and other attractions of Cairo.  Last night we flew the 2hr down to Aswan and today we are relaxing before our 9 days of fishing the Nile and Lake Nasser for Niles and Tigerfish.


The temp is a scorching 111F and everyone is tightly packed around the Hotel Basma pool - drinking ice cold Egyptian Beers.  In an hour we are getting picked up by the African Angler crew and we are going to sail on the Nile for the sunset, grab a nice meal on its banks and retire early.  We leave bright and early for our 9 day fishing safari.  Everyone is ready and eager to get into the
Nile Perch that I enjoyed catching so much last May.  Most have very high goals of fish over 100lb on the fly.  I hope like heck someone actually does take a Nile of this size - but my biggest last year was 40lb and I simply hope for a 57lb fish or slightly better (the lake fly record is 56lb) and most of all that everyone has a great time!
Until May 3rd - All the best and can the Cubs please win a few games!
Be cool,






















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