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The Erne, Its Legends & Its Fly Fishing               Page 5

The Butterfly is distinguished readily from all others by its under wings, which, being made of the tippet feather of the golden pheasant tied on whole, give it the appearance of a copper-coloured butterfly.  In all the species of this fly alike, the tail is, or ought to be, of yellow topping.  The tip is sometimes plain, but, more generally, it is formed by two or three rounds of black ostrich or peacock’s harl; the body is invariably of floss-silk, hackled, and turned with tinsel or twist, which is of gold or silver, according to the colour of the body; this colour, which should be changed according to the colour of the sky or water, indicates the different species of the fly.


The Butterfly

These are as follows:-
1.    Red, with a natural red, crimson, or black hackle.

Red Butterfly

The Red Butterfly - Tied by Bob Frandsen, Pic Lorraine


2.    Yellow – with a yellow, brown, or black hackle, for stained water.

 Yellow Butterfly

The Yellow Butterfly - Tied by Bob Frandsen, Pic Lorraine


3.      Green – with a green hackle, or black hackle, for sunshine.

Green Butterfly

The Green Butterfly - Tied by Bob Frandsen, Pic Lorraine

Note: With The Butterfly series it is only the body that changes colour, the wing stays the same.

4.     Blue – with a blue hackle (silver twist or tinsel), for sunshine.
5.     Fiery grown – with a natural red hackle.
6.     Claret – with a black hackle (silver).

The shoulder hackle in all the species is generally of blue jay, which is prepared by splitting the blue-barred feather of the jay’s wing, and scraping out the pith; but small flies are frequently hackled up with the body hackle, or with the prevailing colour of the fly, and fitted with wing coverts, generally of kingfisher.  All these flies are headed with black ostrich, if large, or black silk, if small; horned with macaw, yellow or red, according to the prevailing colour of the fly, and winged with grey mallard, of which the darkest, taken from the oldest birds, is the best.



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