I first met Jeff Currier in the early days of the Jackson Hole One Fly.  Jeff works with Jack Dennis at his store in Jackson Hole Wyoming. 
Back in 1995 Jeff and his wife Yvonne (who he calls “Granny”), came to Australia and camped in our shed on our then vacant block at Eildon and we had the opportunity to spend some time with them over their stay.  Together we stalked the Goulburn, Polaroiding up some very nice fish.  It was during this period that I realised that Jeff was one of the most confident fishermen that I’d ever had the pleasure of fishing with.  During their stay they did late night sojourns out into the bush to photograph our wildlife and the truth is they saw more of our animals in one week than most Australians have seen in a lifetime.


During their stay we had lunch at Tumbling Waters on the Rubicon and when sitting there, a number of small, black stoneflies starting landing on the table and us.  Jeff and I walked up to some riffle water just up from where we were eating and watched a number of these bugs flying off from the riffle.  It was from this experience that I developed The Granny-stone, a simple little pattern made from a little bit of foam and a black parachute hackle.  What pleased me was that it was actually Granny that was first to catch a few of those fabulous little browns that haunt the Rubicon River.
 Little Brooky
On another occasion, when I was back in America, Jeff and I took some time to drift the Teton River, over in Idaho, near his home.  Apart from dodging Moose and submerged cars holding the banks together on some bends, we caught a heap of fish, which included something that is a challenge from flyfishers that fish this water and that is to catch the four species of trout that inhabit this water, being cutthroat, cut-bow (a cross between a cutthroat and rainbow), brook and rainbow.  Fortunately I was able to achieve this goal on that drift.  We caught so many fish that Jeff still recalls this as a record-breaking day.  I mean, how could I lose?  I was being guided by one of the best fly fishermen I know.


Read about Jeff's great fishing experiences in Egypt  


In Jeff’s home he has a map room; rolls of world maps cover the walls and lie everywhere.  It is Jeff and Granny’s goal to fish not only in extreme areas around the world but to fish every country that has trout in its waters.  

                                      Jeff & Yvonne Currier

Jeff and Granny have already fished many areas and posted a number of stories about their adventures on their website.  Another of Jeff’s goals is to catch as many species as he can on a fly.  The story featured here is of his latest adventure to hunt the Nile.

Teton River
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