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Head & Shoulder Calf Tail Yellow  
Head & Shoulder Calf Tail White

There are no hard and fast rules as to the dressing combination.  Personally I like a body of alternatively coloured stripped hackle quills.  Try a reddybrown/ivory combination etc., and use a waterproof marker.  A favourite is an “Adams” version with a grey body, red/brown fur or seal’s fur for the thorax, cree hackle and white calf tail or CDC wing.  For good visibility on lakes try a yellow wing.

Try other combinations but first build a slim tapered body with thread, then a very sparse dubbing of the finest, thinnest, synthetic dubbing such as "Spirit River, Fine & Dry".

        Hook:    Partridge 15BN Klinkhamer #14-20
                     Tiemco TMC 2312 #10-16

For further reference see FlyLife issues #31, 32, Autumn 2003, Winter 2003.



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My “Head & Shoulder” Emerger is not just a fly pattern but a new concept in emergers.
The pattern is designed so the dressed part of the hook shank hangs vertically down under the surface supported by a thorax/hackle combination.  A wing is added for our visibility.  A CDC wing is great in a breeze as it gives the underwater part of the fly a very natural movement.  The fly should be tied to the leader with a loop knot.