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Queen of the Waters

Here is the Queen of Waters. This is a good example of a Brit fly that was changed a bit in recipe (floss shade and tinsel ribbing) to fire American taste.  

This is tied in the recipe of Darbee and Dette.

Quill Gordon
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This is the Quill Gordon, perhaps the most famous Catskill region Dry Fly conceived by our Theodore Gordon a century ago.  

Note, again, the small, clear space behind the hook eye. This was used to accommodate the Turle Knot and is a common feature in classic Catskill dry flies.

Red Quill

This is the Red Quill first developed by Catskill Region Fly Tyer Art Flick on his beloved Schoharie River. Wood Duck wings are perhaps the most common winging in the classic Catskill Style Dry Flies. The clear space behind the hook eye is common in the Catskill Style; it
was used to accommodate the Turle Knot.

Here's another shot of the Quill Gordon, as an alternate to the other
one.  Again, note the turle knot space behind the hook eye, longer hackles and often towering wings of wood duck flank. 

Quill Gordon V2