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World Tuscany Open

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The WTO, as it is known, has become one of the world’s most respected fly tying competitions.  I had the honour of being invited to Italy in 2007 to be one of the dozen or so judges in this event. It truly was an amazing experience and you can read all about it by clicking HERE.   

The 2010 WTO is again being held in November this year and this is a golden opportunity for our Australian and New Zealand fly tyers to show what they can do.  Believe me, we are rich when it comes to talented fly tyers and we can easily hold our own on the world scene, so give it a go and enter any of the five categories .   

Paraleptophlebia Submarginata dun female - fishing fly.

This mayfly is very close to our Lambda Dun, Atalophlebia australis and can be tied as an adult insect or emerger.
Bullhead - Cottus Gobio:  This category is again for standard fishing fly patterns.  You know the stuff, that family of flies like the Muddler Minnows and Sculpins, Zonkers, etc.
Crab - open:  This one is for the saltwater flyfishers and it is for those standard fishing patterns but with a hint of artistry, if you wish.
Salmon - fully dressed:  For those who love the art of fly tying, here is a challenge.  The theme for this year's WTO is to be taken from that religious masterpiece, 'La Resurrezione' by Piero della Francesca, as featured above.
The International Judges this year have been reduced a little due to the financial worldwide down turn and they are as follows:-

                    Mick Hall - Australia
                    Enrico Puglisi - America
                    Igor and Nadia Stancev - Macedonia                   
                    Mark Bowler - Great Britain (Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine)
                    Hans van Klinken - Holland (Inventor of the Klinkhamer)
                    Massimo Masi - Italy
                    Fabrizio Gajardoni - Italy
                    Alberto Calzolari - Italy
                    Antonio Pozzolini - Italy
                    Giuseppe Re - Italy
                    Fabio Federighi - Italy
                    Mauro Borselli - Italy
                    Federico Renzi - Italy
                    Mauro Raspini - Italy
                    Luca Castellani - Italy

To enter the competition is free and each fly must be clearly marked with the category in which you wish to enter your fly and must include the name of the fly and its dressing.

Flies must be sent by post to:  WTO Mosca Club Alto Tevere
                                                    C.P. 186-52037
                                                    AREZZO ITALY

                             DEADLINE - SEPTEMBER 30TH 2010

All flies submitted must contain the WTO form available on its internet site. www.moscaclubaltotevere.it 


NOTE: To ensure delivery you should contact the organisers on their website as Italian customs can be very slow in processing packages that are marked  “Flies containing animal parts” and you could miss the deadline of the 30th of September.  All enquiries should be directed to Federico Renzi, federenzi@tin.it 

The best way is to use ordinary airmail and packaging that will ensure safe delivery of your flies.   

All flies tied with feathers or fur from animals mentioned in the CITES list must be accompanied with the appropriate CITES certificate.   


'La Resurrezione' - 1450-1463
Piero della Francesca
Museo Civico, Sansepolcro, Italy
The categories are:-

Grasshopper - Realistic:  This category is for those into realistic patterns.