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The Italian lifestyle dictates that lunch can last for a couple of hours or more. Some shops close around midday and open again around 3 or 4pm.  I believe there are no real trading hours; you can suit yourself as to how you operate your business.  What a great way of life.  The afternoon was again all about chatting and watching some great talent.

SIM Stand

The Scuola Italiana di Pesca a Mosca (SIM) stand, Italy’s leading fly casting/fishing school.. Alfeo Busilacchio standing and the President Osvaldo Galizia in front of stand. I didn’t meet the fly tyer.

La Pesca magazine is one of Italy’s leading publications.
L-R ClaudioTosti, yours truly and Federico Renzi, who has a regular fly tying column in this very popular magazine.

WORLD TUSCANY OPEN                                                                                   PAGE 3

On the first floor of the town hall was a large, open area and this was the scene for lunch.  Not one but two Sommeliers were in attendance to serve and give advice on the fine wine selection from the district.  That lined the first table which was followed by a selection of breads and cheese and finally a huge selection of preserved meats.  One of the most common phrases being heard around the crowd was, “have you tasted that?” 

Lunch on balcony at Arezzo
And what a lunch that was!
The art of the Sommelier
SIM Casting Masters

L-R: Marino Di Luca, Roberto Pragliola, Al Caucci and Mick Hall

Stanislao Kuckiewicz

The guys from SIM were there supporting the WTO and showing their casting skills (see SIM Report on this site) and it was great to see Italy’s best casters in action.  I even had the opportunity to meet the great Roberto Pragliola, who is highly regarded as the best of the best.

Left:  The great Roberto Pragliola in action
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