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1st   Bud Guidry - USA

2nd   Eduard Kpvalevsky - Ukraine

3rd   Jorg Schuft - Germany


and 4th went to my old mate, Bob Frandsen of Australia.  Another close friend, Barry Ord Clarke from Norway came in 10th place.  Barry actually entered four of the five categories and he did very well.

Eduard Kovalevsky (Ukraine) - 2nd Place
Photo: Hans van Klinken
Jorg Schuft (Germany) - 3rd Place
Photo: Hans van Klinken

THE SEA CRAB category:

1st   Luca Santoro - Italy

2nd   Walter Luzi - Italy

3rd   Fabio Mauri - Italy

Michael G. Norton (USA) - 6th Place

Above Pic:  Hans van Klinken

Pic Left:  Barry Ord Clarke's Sea Crab - 9th
               Photo: BOC

Bull Head Gudgeon category:

1st   Italo Magazzini - Italy

2nd   Piero Sistino - Italy

3rd   Walter Luzi - Italy    

Right:  Bull Head entry, placing unknown
Pic: Barry Ord Clarke

Open category:

1st   Fabio Mauri - Italy

2nd   Alessandro Caviglia - Italy

3rd   Barry Ord Clarke Norway

Fabio Mauri (Italy) - Winner
Pic:  Hans van Klinken
Barry Ord Clarke (Norway) - 3rd Place
Pic:  Barry Ord Clarke






Paraleptophlebia Female Dun 


1st   Maurizio Perugini - Italy

2nd   Betti Guiliano - Italy

3rd   Alessandro Casiglia - Italy

Left:  Placing unknown
Photo:  Barry Ord Clarke
Mark Scheimer (Australia) - 4th Place

Grasshopper category:


1st   Fabio Mauri-Italy

2nd   Ivan Tommaselli-Italy

3rd   Andrea Del Grippo-Italy 

Stojan Josimovic (Kosovo) - 4th Place
Pic:  HvK

As you can see by the results, the Italian fly tyers did very well.  I must admit that it is a home grown competition and as such was heavily supported by the local tyers. Just the same, there were also a lot of great entries from around the world and they all have to stand up and be counted and the best flies won.  Congratulations Italy, you did well.  What was pleasing for me was that three Australian fly tyers had entries in this competition; they were Bob Frandsen, Mark Scheimer who came 4th in the open category and Hardy Fandrich.  Guys, please make contact with me.


That night it was another grand feast, great wines and a lot of laughs.  Naturally a lot of the discussion was about the quality of the flies submitted and how well the event had been run and supported internationally.    

Fabio Mauri (Italy) - Winner
Pic: HvK

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