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The Pattern

 Hook:  Partridge TDH
Size:  16-12
Tail:  Red cock hackle fibres
Body:  Hare fur dyed ginger using darker fur for the thorax
Ribbing:  Fine copper wire
Post:  Rust Hi-Vis




This has been my favourite fly for many years.  To get the shade of fur I want I dye the hare mask myself, blending tan and yellow dye mixed with a bit of luck.  The blue underfur dyes to a slightly olive colour.

By dyeing the whole mask I get a mixture of light and dark shades and I invariably use the darker fur in the thorax.  It also enables me to carry duns of a lighter or darker shade to match the naturals of the day.

The ginger wing post is easy to see in the reddish light of the setting sun and I am sure it gives the fly an overall glow from the troutís point of view.

Anyone who has tried these flies found them to be a successful pattern in rivers, both on the mainland and in Tasmania and they account for about 80% of the fish I catch which are feeding on duns.
It is worth trying to match the colour, which I would describe as gold.