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M & A Hall
PO Box 123
Eildon 3713
Victoria Australia

email: kossiedun@gmail.com










Why the name kossiedun?  The Kosciuszko Dun, so named by the late Mike Spry, is synonymous Australia wide as being the king of our Mayflies and typifies much of the folklore behind the fly patterns of Australia.

      Pic:  Mick Hall - "bug-whisperer"





We have developed this site as an interactive facility for fly tyers who love to create.  Our goals are simple, they are:

  1. To create a website of Australian fly patterns that represent the trout food found in or    along our waterways.

  2. To develop a photographic gallery of those insects important to trout and the fly tyer.

  3. We also hope to create a reliable hatch chart of the most essential food forms that attract the attention of our Australian trout in both lakes and rivers.

  4. To introduce to Australian fly-fishers a collective of some of the most creative fly tyers in the world.

Mick and his wife Alaine live in an idyllic village called Eildon which is in central north east Victoria Australia.  With only a live-in population of around 600, there is no need for traffic lights, speed humps (there is only one) and most of the time it is a type of sleepy atmosphere, hidden amongst the mountains and valleys that encompass the area.  Within a half an hour there are some six rivers, a huge lake and two large holding pondages that hold good populations of both Brown and Rainbow trout.

 For just over ten years Mick, supported by his wife, ran Blackridge Flyfishing School, which they closed down in 2006 for the sole reason of enjoying a softer lifestyle in semi retirement.

 Mick has fished this area since the late 1950s.  Since 1994, when they first acquired the land (6 acres) Mick has made a study of the insect life that abounds in the area.  They call the property “Sedgemere”.

 Since the season of 2003 Mick has made a serious attempt to develop a photographic record of the insect life that attracts the attention of the Trout-filled water that he regularly fishes.  The sole intention of this project was to establish a photographic hatch chart which is now so close to completion that he has started to source areas further afield.      


May 2007