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Large Green Cicada A BIT ABOUT CICADAS

 Cicadas are making their noisy re-emergence; as they do most Summers.      But some years their numbers simply explode.  Read more....




The Kossie Dun, a true Australian icon.  Its history and a new species?  See it to believe it.
Female Sandstone DunMAYFLY LIFECYCLE

The adult Mayfly is without question one of the most imitated insects of them all.  It is the only insect that emerges twice.  Read more....


Male Honey Spinner emergingA BIT ABOUT BAETIDS

Worldwide there are about 800 species of Baetids and Australia has its fair share - so far we have 13 recorded species and they are found in good numbers on most of our streams.

Mick takes advantage of the re-emergence of an old favourite moth.