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Malcolm Greenhalgh

Being a lifelong angler and freshwater biologist, his knowledge of English bugs and their imitation is beyond reproach.  In 1998 Malcolm released a major work entitled The Fly-Fisherís Handbook in conjunction with commercial artist Denys Ovenden.  It is truly a classic and to quote in part from a review by British Wildlife: This is an anglerís entomology....Half the book is a field guide to the living mayflies and other insects eaten by game sports fish, with an illustrated month-month hatch guide. The other half is devoted to the fishing flies which mime these insects, each one painted in jewel-like detail. If you think that this work is just a British guide you may be right but there is so much valuable information hidden between its pages that is very relevant to our way of fly tying and fishing.

Introduction to Dr Malcolm Greenhalgh

I first met Malcolm in 2006 at the British Fly Fair.  Like most ardent fly flickers, his name was well known to me long before this introduction.  Malcolm has a true international reputation and in Europe he is right up there with the likes of David Jardine, Oliver Edwards, etc, etc.

Malcolm lives in the North of England and regularly fishes the rivers Hodder and Ribble.  Those of you who have studied a little about the history of our trout here in Australia will know that the Great Francis Francis and Frank Buckland collected trout eggs from these waters that were in turn sent to Australia way back in the 1860s.  They were destined to become the forefathers of the Trout that live in so many parts of Australia.

Malcolm sends out monthly reports to a number of websites and these will be posted as they arrive.  

Malcolm's new book, 'An Encyclopedia of Fishing Flies', published in late 2009.

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