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ashley artis - PETER LEUVER - HANS VAN KLINKEN - malcolm greenhalgh


mike valla - FABRIZIO GAJARDONI - BOB FRANDSEN - roy christie 





As we all see things through different eyes, I have asked a group of other fly tying enthusiasts to join me in this project to build a collection of ideas and patterns for all to share.





Guest Australian Fly Tyers:

Ashley ArtisIs somewhat of a perfectionist, as you will see in the way he ties his flies, they are a great example of a fly tyer's skill.

Warryn Germon: Master fly tyer, we call him the Trout Whisperer.  Sadly, in 2008, we lost Warryn.  It is with respect that his articles will remain on this site. 

Peter Leuver: Author and highly respected fly tyer, Sydney NSW

Gordon Brooks: South Australia - Highly innovative fly tyer with a lifetime's experience

Ray Brown: Professional fly tyer and amateur entomologist from Tasmania

Bob Frandsen: A highly talented Australian fly tyer; specializes in Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies





International Guests:

Hans van Klinken Netherlands - World famous fly tyer, creator of The Klinkhamer Special

Fabrizio GajardoniItaly - Internationally renowned multiple award winning fly tyer

Alberto CalzolariItaly - One of Italy's greatest fly tyers with a major International reputation

Ezio CeleschiItaly - Ezio is one of the most innovative fly tyers that I've seen come out of Italy.  From his detached latex bodies to his imitative wings, intriquately drawn onto a material that is not unlike that found on teabags.

Roy Christie:  An Irishman, now living in London, has a unique way of tying his now famous reversed       emergers.

Barry Ord Clarke: Author, highly skilled fly tyer and an amazing photographer, as his website will testify. His workmanship, as you will see, is world class and we are privileged to have him as a guest fly tyer.

Malcolm Greenhalgh Internationally renowned author, fly tyer and fly fisherman.

Mike Valla: If you are interested in the Catskills, its history and unique style of tying flies from a true expert, then check this out.

Enrico PuglisiEnrico, is, without question, one of the leading exponents of saltwater fly tying/fly fishing in the world today.  His unique style of tying wide body flies has created a world-wide demand for his patterns and the innovative materials that he uses to make them.

Steve Thornton:  I suppose the best way to describe Steve is that he is a fly tying/fly fishing entrepreneur.  Author, professional photographer and a highly innovative master fly tyer specialising in simplistic realistic flies.