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Publications Australian

For just on twenty five years I have been a columnist and Fly Fishing Consultant to "Freshwater Fishing" magazine and "The Flyfisher" since its inception.  Recently I have also just taken on a fly tying column with Tasmanian Fishing and Boating News.  I have also produced a number of fly tying videos/DVDs.


I have written numerous articles that have been published in international fly fishing publications such as "The Flyfisher's Journal", London (The Fly Fishers Club) and The Art of Angling Journal, America.  Caddis (Italy) Fly-Tying and Fly-Fishing (England) and the Russian fly fishing magazine.

 International Books

"Fly Tyers of the World"

VEM Publishing in England released a major work, Volume 1 through to Volume 5, featuring the top one hundred fly tiers in the world.

 "Selectivity - Theory and Method of Fly Fishing Fussy Trout, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon Around the World" by Matt Supinski. America (Stackpole books)

 "Fly Patterns by Fishing Guides:  "200 Flies That Really Work" by Tony Lolli

 Fishing Flies  A guide to flies from around the world by Malcolm Greenhalgh

 Fly Tying - Italy The great book of the manufacturer of artificial flies - Armando Quazzo

 Tying Catskill Style Dry Flies   America by Mike Valla

 Australian Books

Pursuit of Fly Tying  by George Rowney

Australia's Best Trout Flies by Malcolm Crosse

Angling in Australia by Bob Dunn

 Plus numerous mentions in a range of other Australian publications.

Australian Club and Political Activities

On the local scene I was the inaugural and founding President of Southern Fly Fishers and Yarra Valley Fly Fishers and also the inaugural president of the Australian Fly Tiers' Guild (no longer operative), foundation member of The Joseland Society (fishing book collectors' organisation).

My passion for fly-fishing and fly tying has developed to a stage that can only be best described as professional, as my CV will testify.

 This, coupled with my interests in angling entomology and photographing  many of our Australian insects, has developed new dimensions in the understanding of our Mayfly life and other food forms.  Many have stated that it is ground-breaking stuff.

Over the last few years we have developed what we call our Fly-tying Workshop Days.  These nationwide workshop days are sponsored by Mustad of Norway and supported by my other sponsors.  They feature the photographic program and then we tie the fly patterns that represent those insects found in and around our mountain streams here in Australia.


Currently I am sponsored by a number of Australian and International fly fishing and fly tying companies:

       Jarvis Walker:    This association is long standing, close to twenty five years,  basically promoting and co-developing all of their fly fishing products.

       Cortland:       Support, developing.

       Spirit River:    One of America's leading fly-tying material suppliers.  This association has been in place for over eight years.

       Whiting Farms:    I am Australia's only Pro Fly Tying Team member in what can only be described as the leading hackle manufacturers in the world.  A formal agreement was completed late last year.  See Pro-Team page on their website, www.whitingfarms.com.

       Mustad of Norway:    The world's largest hook manufacturers, Mustad  supports my fly tying demonstrations and product promotion in Australia and internationally.

       Enrico Puglisi:    This is another new agreement.  Enrico is regarded as one of the leaders in the development of saltwater flies and fly tying material.  Together we have developed a new range of freshwater fly tying winging material.

Again I was also an inaugural executive member of the Australian Trout Foundation and President from 2003-2008 and again from 2010 until 2012 of this very successful organisation.  The ATF has been supported by Jarvis Walker since 2003.

For my contribution to our Australian Trout fishery I was awarded the Jack Ritchie Medal for services to Wild trout Conservation.  For those involved in the conservation of our Australian Trout since their introduction in 1864 only seven people have received this recognition/medal.



On five occasions I have competed in the One Fly Event held at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.  During the 1996 event I was fortunate to be presented with the highly prestigious and much sought after Peter Crosby/Dick Carlsburg award for Sportsmanship.  It was the first and only time this award has been given to a non-American citizen.

International Fly Tying Demonstrations

In 2009 I was invited to attend and demonstrate our Aussie tying techniques at the Somerset Fly Tying Symposium New Jersey America.

By invitation I have also participated twice at the British Fly Fair International held at Stoke-on-Trent in the north of England and in 2010 I attended the Spring Fly Fair and demonstrated at Farlows of Pall Mall London, established 1840.

Demonstrations in Norway and Sweden and three times in Italy.

In June 2007 I was invited as a guest to attend the 20th Anniversary of the

SIM Festival (Scuola Italiana di Pesca a Mosca) at Castel di Sangro  Italy.    During the Gala Dinner, I was appointed Australian Ambassador of SIM.

In September 2007 by invitation I joined a team of 21 of the world's most respected fly tyers to judge the World Tuscany Open Fly Tying Competition.  The organisers stated, "This is an amazing list of jurors, the first time together anywhere in the world".

At the Gala Dinner I, along with Hans Van Klinken of Klinkhamer fame, were made Honorary Life Members of Mosca Club Altotevere.

In November 2010 I was again invited to be a judge at the World Tuscany Open Fly Tying Competition.

In 2008 I was invited to become a member of Italy's Fly Tyers' Hall of Fame.