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From the Vice of Ray Brown




















RAY BROWN - Cressy, Tasmania

Ray Brown is a well-known commercial fly tyer who has recently re-located to Cressy Tasmania, right in the heart of Tasmania's lowland streams.

In 1985 he privately published a book titled Dry Flies of the Fleurieu Peninsula, one of the most sought after books on fly-fishing in Australia.

For the past 30 years Ray has contributed articles and short stories on entomology, conservation, fly tying and the history of our sport to newsletters and bulletins of fly fishing clubs Australia wide.  He has given numerous talks and fly tying demonstrations to clubs all over Australia and his fly patterns have appeared in many publications.

Ray has had an active interest in Entomology, especially the genera associated with fly fishing, notably Ephemeroptera, having collected and identified species from all over the trout fishing regions of Australia.  Ray is an Honorary Life Member of the South Australian Fly Fishers' Association (SAFFA) and has been an active member for over 30 years.  He has served as a Councillor, Secretary and President of SAFFA.

Over the years Ray has been active in many organisations: SA delegate to Recfish, SA Inland Fisheries Management Committee, SA Inland Recreational Fishing Committee - Chairperson, SA Recreational Fishing Advisory Committee - Board member, Australian Freshwater Fisherman's Assembly - President and the SA River Fishery Adjustment Committee.  Ray has also been a member of other fly fishing organisations.

Since moving to Tasmania Ray has re-acquainted himself with the many streams of the North East and the Midlands of Tasmania and the exploration of the Western Lakes will start in earnest after Christmas 2006.  Arthur's Lake is already a regular haunt.