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Entomology & Fly Tying Workshop Days

Conducted by Mick Hall

These workshop days are what this website is all about. They are designed to make you think; they are not just for the beginner but also for those with many years of experience.


They cover all of the aspects featured on Kossiedun and are divided into two sections. The first session is a PowerPoint presentation on Angling Entomology featuring a range of bugs, including a special feature of the Mayflies found along our waterways.

Key features of this part of the program are an explanation of their lifestyles and importance as a food form for trout.  Because of the quality of the digital photography we can also take a close look at a whole range of possible trigger points not normally seen by our eyes but can be seen by Old Speckles.

The second session is based around tying in some of these trigger points, as outlined in the first program.  As an example of this I have isolated a number of species of Mayflies that seem to dominate many of our waterways.  In doing so I have developed a range of dubbing materials that match the colours found on these mayflies (this range of dubbings and their formulae can be found on the Bugwatch page on this site).

Another important aspect of the program is matching the right hook to the style of fly being tied as well as matching the right coloured Whiting hackle to match the Mayfly being imitated.

With the use of a digital video camera and lap top that are connected to a large LCD screen, we are able to feature split screens that show the bug and the fly being tied. On top of this I feature a whole heap of fly tying tips and discussion on how a fly should sit or behave on or in the surface film.

The duration of these workshop days is normally around four to five hours with a BBQ type lunch break in between.  Ideally a Saturday or Sunday is best for these workshops.

These workshops are fully sponsored by Mustad and Partridge of Redditch and are free to fly clubs within Victoria.  Interstate and some Victorian country clubs may be asked to assist in the cost of transportation and accommodation.

How do you book a Workshop day? The answer is as simple as sending me an email and we can have a chat about it.

Guide lodges and Retail outlets

We can also do workshop day at Retail outlets or at lodges within the guide structure.  Again, for further information on how these workshop days are put together, simply talk to me.

Mick Hall



Mick at Southern Flyfishers